The SEO Guys That Gave Us a Big Win

When we first started as a Taco Food Truck company, we were only known because we parked in the same place day in and day out. In fact, some days we actually slept in our own truck! It’s true. The fact is, we didn’t think we needed much marketing, especially internet marketing since we only had one truck in Chicago. Other than the one city, what sense would it make to advertise anywhere else? I know you understand my logic here.

I quickly realized that Chicago and the food truck craze could contribute to one of two things. Either we could become an actual destination or we could promote to people that when travelling to Chicago, decide they want to try our food! So what did we do? We hired the help of a company called Cognatio Media, which is a Waterloo SEO services company. They really know their stuff and were so much more affordable than any other US company that quoted us, especially since they quoted in Canadian dollars!

The second runner up happened to be a Calgary online marketing agency named Vovia. The current owner Cam really knows his stuff and the company has done some amazing things. It was close between the two of them, but Waterloo is just closer to Chicago and they were able to come down for a visit! There was no reason, other than slight price differences why you would normally go with one over the other though. Cognatio Media did end up giving us quite the crash course and got us familiar with what they were doing.


If you wanted to check out an SEO Calgary agency,┬áthen visit Vovia’s website. If you were interested in services within Waterloo or the rest of Ontario, then check out the video below for Cognatio Media’s information:

For written details on the firm from the video above, please see the following citation:
Cognatio Media
3 Regina St N #208 Waterloo, ON N2J 2Z7
(519) 216-5529

Best Tacos

I’ve said it before and I will say it again (bring it on!), we have the best tacos in Chicago, and that says something. We’ve tried it all! That being said it’s important to market yourself, and we’ve used a great SEO firm to get recognized in the past, which is another reason we do so well. We also have an on-staff fitness instructor to make sure we stay in shape around all this delicious food. I am a man of divorce but I live, love and breathe my food truck and would not give it up even if I wanted to. Which I certainly don’t, I’d rather sell all my gold for next to nothing than give up this wonderful way of living.